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Hi, I'm Fharzana!

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I've been cooking Indian food for over fifteen years, and I want to help you do the same.

My Indian cooking classes in the San Francisco Bay Area emphasize hands-on cooking and help you overcome the challenges of cooking delicious Indian food in your kitchen at home.

About My Classes

All classes are held in my beautiful kitchen in South Bay. Anything you cook, you eat at the end of the class.

My classes are very hands-on; this isn't a show where you watch me cook. I'll actually get you to roll up your sleeves and making the dishes in each class!

Check out these dishes below, they taste amazing:

I practice healthy, aware cooking. I'm formally trained in chemistry, so research is in my blood. I read a lot of scientific literature to understand what is safe and what isn't - NO unsafe canned food, chemical additives, saturated fats, or low-quality ingredients in my kitchen. I also teach you how to identify good substitutes for unhealthy ingredients. Food investigation is my passion and I write about it on my blog, do check it out!

I find that cooking from scratch yields the best results and is very rewarding, and am always excited to show you how to get started!


"Fharzana is a natural in the kitchen and to teaching! This is cooking with love, passion, and fun!! Can't wait for the next class!"


"It was so nice to watch Fharzana in her element. She had every imaginable kitchen appliance (except for a microwave!) and showed us how to pressure cook the chicken, grind the herbs and make paste from ginger and garlic. I loved the class. Thank you so much!"


"It was a lot of fun and I thought the cooking class was very hands-on. I love your spirit of cooking and how easy and NOT intimidating you made cooking Indian food."


"I'm still reminiscing about the awesome meal we made last night at Fharzana's cooking class. We had a blast learning about all the different spices used in Indian cuisine and how they work together in a dish. The class was interactive and more like a dinner party. Fharzana is a wonderful teacher, chef, and historian!"


"Thank you so much for this new experience! More people should have a chance to take a class from you. I am sure this will lead to something big. I look forward to seeing you on the Food Network."


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